St. Oliver Plunkket

The story of Saint Oliver Plunkett takes us to Ireland, where Oliver was born almost 400 years ago. At the time, Catholics faced many challenges to hold onto their faith. Many faced difficulties just to attend mass ? some were even forbidden. Many fled to where they could practice their faith freely. It was during this time that Oliver was sent to Rome for his studies. While Oliver desired to return to his people, it was still not safe for him to return to his home country after he was ordained. So, he remained in Rome and taught as a professor of Theology. It was 22 years before he could return to Ireland, this time as the Archbishop. When Archbishop Plunkett came back to Ireland, he began a ministry of reform. Over 11 years, Saint Oliver worked tirelessly visiting his people, establishing schools and turning thousands of hearts towards God. He brought renewal to the church, pursuing the church?s mission to continue the work of Christ, helping those in need even when compelled into isolation. Towards the end of his earthly ministry, he was unjustly arrested and condemned for treason. In 1681, he was martyred for the faith at the Tyburn tree which is now the north east corner of Hyde Park/Marble Arch in London. The last Catholic martyr in England. The parish celebrates its patron in Saint Oliver on July 11, his feast day. He is the patron saint of peace and reconciliation in Ireland.